Life Link

Life Link is a vital part of Serenity Baptist Church witness and evangilism ministries. This ministries was started by Rev. Richard Weeks in 2004, after returning to Serenity from serving a church for several years. Rev. Weeks was invited to go on a ICE event ( International Community Evangilism ), by Victor Benavides with NAMB, ( North American Mission Board ). This got Rev. Weeks fired up, and after several other ICE Events, he started Life Link using the ICE strategy.

Victor Benavides was invited to Serenity to teach ICE to Life Link. After the class Serenity went out to a shopping center an witness to shoppers and we had 15 that accepted Christ.

Life Link has been on several ICE events in the past two years, Nashville TN., Charleston SC., Greensboro NC.. They also go and teach the ICE strategy class to any church that wants to learn about witnessing.

To learn more about Life Link and ICE contact: Rev. Richard Weeks by E-mai:l