In September of 1992, a group of devout Christians felt the need to establish a new church in order to worship God and his Son, Jesus Christ. The establishment of this church was gradual but a very successful enterprise. The members of the new congregation faced many situations, problems, and difficulties; but their determination, faith and by the grace of God, they were able to build a church that has grown and developed into a prominent place of worship.

At first the members had no building to worship in, so worship services were held at the homes of members. Later, an old store, formerly owned by the Ozzie Carter family, was transformed into a church where the members could meet. That was a task in itself to remodel the old building, washing, painting removing old shelves and cabinets, replacing floors. But we learned quickly to trust in the Lord.

The church grew from 25 members to about 75 in just a little time, we grew out of the old store, we needed a larger building, so we looked into building a church, but we had no land. We found some land, with God's help and we were able to buy the land. As we had the land surveyed it was another confirmation that we were surely doing the Lord's will.. for the land surveyed at 7.77 acres, the Lord's number.  And now, 2017 has almost 150+ members.  



1992 - September, Serenity Baptist Church established

1992 - October, Lonnie Carter was called as pastor.

1994 - October, Lonnie Carter died of Multipal Myloma cancer.

1995 - March, Jimmy Flowers was called as pastor.

1997- Serenity Baptist Church built a 5,000 sq,ft building at our current location on Highway 701.

1998 - Dedication Ceremony for new building in January.

2000 - Was first mission trip to Belize, to help several churches.

2001 - The second mission trip to Belize to work on more churches.

2002 - The third mission trip to Belize to work on more churched.

2004 - Helping Hands ministry was started.

2004 - Life Link was started with several members going out with the ICE Team.

2004 - Serenity Baptist Church did a mission trip to Guatemala

2005 - First Bible School in Belize by Serenity Baptist Church.

2005 - Serenity Baptist Church went to Cuba on a mission trip.

2008 - Serenity Baptist Church went to El Salvador for a medical mission.

2009 - Serenity Baptist Church did a another medical mission to El Salvador
2016 - Guatamala Missions trip
2017 - Guatamala & Haiti Missions trips